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rachele sartirani

 Gender equality and Social Inclusion - 

" Rachele stands out for her communication skills, particularly those that focus on integration and gender in cultural fields, such as literature, arts and sports."

Elisa Vivas Soto - StoryData CoFounder

“I have a plan”. 


Since I was a child, I’ve always been a very active, energetic and extroverted person, seeking for adventures, discovering new places and learning at any occasion.


As an only child growing up in a small town near the Italian Alps, I spent my childhood reading fantasy books and playing any kind of game! I couldn’t stay quiet. I had a lot of imagination, and I was convinced I would become an archaeologic or a historicist, before than a writer. Definitely, the love for books made me wish to travel the world, see everything I was reading and living my own adventure.


As a journalist, I’m looking for stories worth to be told, but also live them on my skin. My life purpose is to highlight how football can improve human lives, and I am excited by the idea of committing myself to discover individual stories full of values. 

Discovering other cultures through football. 

I firmly believe that football can also be a mirror of society in the way it is aligned with history, geography, music, literature and any other human expression. This Game is a communication channel which analysis can lead to a deeper comprehension of the world we live in. 

I experienced on my skin the infinite world of opportunities offered by the Beautiful Game, a powerful tool to achieve self development, to improve societies and spread cultural values amongst communities groups, representing a common ground to connect individuals through the emotions they share during the game. 

Areas of Expertise 

Women’s Football - Urban sports - European Cultures and Literature - Tourism and Geography.


  • EU funding, grants and subsidies

  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment 

  • Sustainable policies, tourism and local integration in Southern Europe

  • The evolution of the sports system in Barcelona

From Italian leagues to European Women Street football. 

I am the current manager of Street Football x Barcelona and co-founder of Club Underground. A team that aims to become a reference in Women Street Football, as well as meeting other girls sharing our same vision of the Game. Additionally, I’ve already published several works concerning women football development in Barcelona and exposing the thesis of football as a cultural connector. 


Fighting Barcelona: four young women without limits -  El Periódico 

  • The story of Zoya Naumov, international elite athlete


New leaders for women’s football - Futboleras

  • Talking with 3 players from the FC Barcelona team 


The other side of football - Women players in and off the game


Urban sports in Barcelona - Master’s Thesis


Football reports for the diary Reinas del Balón 


Master’s Degree in Advanced Journalism - Ramon Llull University Barcelona

Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and cultures - Universitá degli studi di Bergamo 


Effective communication - Digital publishing and multimedia storytelling - Critical thinking and analytical skills - Negotiation - Creativity and flexibility - Cultural awareness and social responsibility - Group management and leadership - Emotional intelligence and empathy - Strategic and problem-solving approach - Community management.

Building my own reality through football.

As an experienced player, I had the opportunity to see the evolution of the game in the two countries I lived in, Italy and Spain. From competing in the Italian second division to travelling across Europe for Street Football, I acquired further expertise about athleticism and the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which is a reason why I’m always following a holistic approach when dealing with this kind of subjects.

As a young and independent woman, football allowed me to dream high and discover my true nature, in addition to drive me to build an athletic mindset aimed at performance development and mental balance.


When I was a child, it was the reason why I was set aside by the other children, now it is my way to build strong human relationships. When I was a teenager, competing in federations and National leagues, I suffered the pressure generated by limited environments that didn’t allow me to develop my skills according to my ambitions. That’s why I used to play alone to turn down the frustration for not achieving the expected results in a team, developing discipline and self motivation. 


All those elements describe me as a professional and are reflected in the efficiency and seriousness of my works, as well as they justify my ambition to achieve any goal and objective. Finally, I believe in human positive evolution, and I am committed to contributing to social development, according to the values of respect, solidarity and peace. 


“Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


Physical activities and sports. Movement makes me feel alive. I love any physical activity and… adrenaline! At the age of 18 I skydived from 4000 meters and at the age of 20 I tried the highest bungee jumping attraction in Italy (152 meters)! That’s why I say I’m never bored.

Travel. Adventure is also to discover new things, become aware of the beauty of our world and test your adaptability skills! Travel is fun, education and self development. 

One of my best experiences: a cycle-touring road-trip in the Amalfi Coast!!


Communication, data journalism and technology. I am excited by the infinite opportunities to tell immersive stories in a digital environment. That’s why I’m always saying that my next career has to be a Master in Data Journalism!


Books. Fantasy books, historic novels and Latin-American classics. These are the 3 topics I read the most, but I also mention Italian poetry and the great literary classics.

Areas of Curiosity

Functional training and nutrition for Athletic performance 

European Medieval history

Latin-American culture and literature 

Arts, from Renaissance to Contemporary age

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