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jordi mestre

" Collaborating with Jordi has been an outstanding experience. When we worked together on any project, he was throughout the process always focused on generating the best possible outcome. Always professional, he puts the needs of his athletes and partners automatically first and his work ethic is impeccable. Plus: Working with Jordi is really always fun, even when the pressure is on!"

Julian Sauer - Red Bull

It all changed with sports.


It really did.


I was on a seemingly unavoidable path towards a traditional, probably boring life (technical degree, local girlfriend, mortgage for 40 years) when the amazing universe of sport broke into my life somewhere at age 14. It probably started with video games and went from the digital world to the real thing, it's hard to pinpoint; but at a certain point, something inside snapped and I realised that I was tied to the bone to that universe, to the emotions it brought, to the happiness and the grind and the realisation that nothing ever ended - it just paused until the next whistle of the referee.


Since then, I took the ups and downs that may come with this wonderful yet ever-changing industry as challenging blessings, rather than as problems. As an athlete I was far from being a star, but I always abided by a simple principle: ganbareh, which in Japanese means something like "do your best". On the court, I fought for every ball, until the game was over, even if we were down by 30 points. In my job, I do the same - the hardest possible work from the first to the last minute, and beyond to the extra time if needed.

" First and foremost, anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Jordi will be aware of his incredible work ethic and passion for sport. Combined with his attention to detail and organisational skills, this makes him a crucial cog in every team that he works in. As well as this, his positive ‘can-do’ attitude and impressively detailed knowledge of sports marketing across the whole of Europe make him an incredibly valuable asset. Not to mention that I’ve lost count of the number of languages that he can speak to a professional level!"

James Kimber - M&C Saatchi

Communicating: writing, designing, presenting, translating, drawing, explaining. This is my area of expertise: transmitting information in every imaginable way.

I'm a journalist with experience in media, in communication departments and in marketing agencies, as well as in event organisation companies. My professional path has allowed me to explore a wide range of methods to successfully reach all kinds of audiences, both for journalistic and for marketing purposes. I have also been given the responsibility of building and managing teams, which in turn has offered me valuable learnings on collective performance and leadership. Additionally, I have experience in leading and executing international projects for some of the greatest brands in the sports, esports and sports marketing industry.

My mother tongues are Catalan and Spanish, and besides these I also speak English, Italian and French at a proficient level.

Areas of Expertise 

Digital Communications - Sports Marketing - Internal Communications - Project Management - Digitalisation. 


Journalism: VICE Sports in Barcelona (2015-16)


Communications: Red Bull in Salzburg (2017-18), Ubisoft in Paris (2020-21)


Sports Marketing: M&C Saatchi in London (2019-20)

" Jordi is a reliable and creative worker, capable of facing professional challenges of any nature."

Adrià Grau - Space Ibiza


Writing and copywriting - Project Management - Team Management - Storytelling - Can-do, hands-on attitude


Business Administration post-degree course - EADA Barcelona

Not an MBA Programme -

Journalism Degree - URL Barcelona


- DELF B2 - CELI 4 - CPE

- Professional DJ course

- Level 1 Basketball coach


" Working with Jordi is an absolute pleasure. His creative mind, ability to build great client relationships and exceptional knowledge of the sports and comms world make him an exceptional professional. As a team member, he brings a great vibe to the team which makes working together a very enjoyable experience."

Clara Pérez Miñones, Full Fat Agency


Sports: former basketball player, still a basketball coach, forever a football fan.

Reading: recommend me any historical novel - I promise I'll give one back in exchange.

Current affairs: I couldn't live without knowing what is happening in the world.

Travel: whenever my job allows me to leave my screens, I catch a flight somewhere.

Areas of Curiosity

Ancient Civilisations


Anime from the 90s

Sources of Inspiration

Contemporary People: Albert Einstein - Nelson Mandela - Marie Curie - Rosa Parks - Pep Guardiola - Allen Iverson - Thierry Henry.

All-Time legends: Hatshepsut - Philip II of Macedon - Heraclitus - Pericles - Quintus Fabius Maximus - Cicero - Hypatia -

Lorenzo de' Medici - Johannes Gutenberg - François Voltaire.

Music: Paul Kalkbrenner - Pink Floyd - Hans Zimmer - Safri Duo - Daft Punk - Armin van Buuren - Gigi d'Agostino - Georges Moustaki - Fundación Tony Manero - Nas.

Authors:  Mika Waltari - Isaac Asimov - Akira Toriyama - Jorge Luis Borges - Irene Solà - Francisco Ibáñez - Lindsey Davis - Douglas Adams - Ray Bradbury.

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