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daniel viera

My mind is filled with an endless supply of creativity and imagination. 

As a child, my world was transformed twice over - once when my parents introduced me to the world of piano, and once again when my father gave me my first Nintendo console. With the piano, I was able to escape into my own reality, painting mental landscapes with every stroke of the keys. And with the Nintendo console, I was transported to new worlds and endless possibilities, where obstacles were no match for my boundless creativity.

The convergence of music and gaming in my life instilled a powerful belief in me that with a dash of imagination and an abundance of passion, there was no limit to what I could achieve.



from Punk Rock Rebel to 3D Creator: A Journey of Self-Discovery

defy the norm, embrace the power of self-expression, and unleash your creative potential.

I specialize in XXXXXXXXXXXXX

I found myself drawn to the raw power of punk rock music, craving the rebellious energy it represented. It wasn't enough to simply listen to the music - I had to live it, to create my own reality and break free from society's norms. So I picked up the electric bass and poured my heart into mastering it, and before I knew it, I was opening concerts for my idols, including the legendary Johnny Ramone.

Music was my passion, but it needed a visual component to fully come alive. And that's when I discovered the world of 3D - a medium that allowed me to materialize my sounds and bring my vision to life in a whole new way.


With 3D, there were no rules or limits - only the boundless freedom to create and explore. It was the ultimate expression of punk rock spirit, and I knew I had found my calling.

underwater 2.jpeg


throw out the rulebook, and embrace a life of true artistic freedom.

The 3D world allows me to play superhero, manipulate time and the laws of physics, create unique realities, or replicate existing ones with a level of detail that even surprised me.


My creativity and skills have led me to win awards as a re-illustrator for Cartoon Network's "Over the Garden Wall," work on projects like the animation for Karkos' Wizzardmaster guitar, and create renderings for Rudolf Stelzhammer pianos.


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