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anna gudvin

Branding is not just about selling products, it's about creating a movement that people want to be a part of.

I was lucky to be born in Ukraine, where the visual culture is abundant and diverse.

Growing up surrounded by a rich visual culture that both inspired and challenged me. With so many beautiful and not-so-beautiful things around me, it was up to me to choose what to pay attention to and identify with.

After graduating from the art academy with a diploma in graphic design, I knew that I wanted to be a multidisciplinary designer. That desire led me to Warsaw, where I pursued a master's degree in communication strategy and marketing. It was during this time that I honed my skills in branding, using my education as the foundation for my practice.

I help creating brands that are both beautiful and profitable by bridging the gap between art and commerce.

I gained valuable experience by working in both large and small creative agencies, as well as on the client side. However, I soon realized that personal connections were paramount to me, which is why I made the decision to start my own independent practice as a branding consultant.

My passion for branding stems from the belief that a strong brand can truly make a difference. I am committed to helping businesses and individuals develop their identities and stand out in today's crowded marketplace. With a blend of creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of visual communication, I strive to deliver solutions that not only look great but also drive results.

Areas of Expertise 

Branding Strategy, Brand Identity, Multichannel Brand communication, Art Direction, Digital and Print Campaigns.


- 6+ years of experience working with brands in large and small creative agencies.
- Worked with well-known global brands: Mastercard, L'Oréal, Maybelline, Vichy, KFC, Volkswagen and more.
- Creative awards: Effie, KTR, The One Show, Golden Drum, The Gerety Awards.

As a branding consultant, I believe that every business has a story to tell, and it's my job to help them tell it in a compelling and effective way.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Creative Concepts, Web design, Art Direction for Photo and Video, Print and Digital design.


Master's degree in lntegrated Communication: Advertising, Public Relations, Branding - Collegium Civitas

Graphic Design - Kharkiv State Academy of Art and Design 

As a multidisciplinary designer, I strive to deliver solutions that not only look great but also drive results.


Psychology and Biohacking: Self-discovery is my biggest motivation.
Music: Live concerts are a place of power and inspiration for me.
Body Movement and Physical Wellness: My body has been my closest companion since the very beginning, and I cherish taking care of it by exploring its capabilities and needs.
Visual Arts and Crafts: Design, photography, video, painting and and my new hobby is tapestry weaving.

Areas of Curiosity

History of Art and Design, Architecture, Interiors
Science and science-based tools,
Philosophy, Human behavior, Psychology and Sociology.

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